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Liteit invests in companies that offer UGL, FUGL teambuilding and SDI. We are open for new innovative startups helping teams and leaders excel in their workplace, with smart technology. 

We focus on one thing

Developing Leadership Skills


All our processes start with defining your goals or ambitions. With a clear set of expectations it will be easier to monitor your progress.


Then you work with committing to it, in different ways to make a lasting impact. It will not be easy to let go, especially not because of laziness.


Last we make sure you begin your journey and continues improving with help and support from smart technologies, networks or stakeholders.


For 20 years, Liteit have developed individuals and managers through self awarenes programs originated from Swedish military. Initially all excersises was based on pen and papers, but over time we have changed our way of working by introducing smarter solutions, based on software helping us progressing more effective.

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Great experience

UGL was a great experience and that gave me a new perspective on how I'm perceived. My best investment ever.
Malin Persson
Team leader
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